Silkesapans skratt

Role: 2D Character rigger and animator.

Plot Summary: The silk monkey and the tapir are best friends and they play all day and do mischief. But one day the silk monkey gets sick and dies. How can someone who has always existed suddenly cease to exist?

Voiced by Alma Pöysti (Silk Monkey), Maria Ahlroth (Tapir), Oskar Pöysti (Spectacled Bear), Frank Skog (Toucan) and Ida Kronholm (Sloth).
Produced by RYMDFISK Productions and Character House.
Adaptation of the children's book by Annika Sandelin and Linda Bondestam.

Role: I was the Character animator of the Spectacle Bear, Toucan and Sloth. In addition, I created some water assets such as the waterfall and water splash.
I'm very happy to have been part of such a fun and beautiful production. It is still possible to watch the film on Yle Areena, but only for Finnish viewers (my apologies).

Shapes Form Figures, a short animated film, featuring Finnish painter, Lauri Laine. Directed and animated by Marga Doek. Shapes form figures.

Henrik Gullmets; Director, Producer, Animator
Linda Bondestam; Illustrator, Writer, Director
Annika Sandelin; Writer, Director
Mia Palmgren; Producer
Anna-Stina Jungerstam; Music
Viljami Mehto; Sound
Robin Sauren; Sound
Reetta Saturo; Character Animator
Marga Doek; Character Animator
Watch the film on:
Yle Areena (For Finnish viewers only).

The Blue Painter

This animated film celebrates the work of contemporary Finnish painter Risto Suomi. It depicts his dream on which a large majority of his work is based.