Vargas Print Studios

promo video and social media templates

This Helsinki-based print studio aims to support professional artists and creatives to work, research and experiment in a multidisciplinary environment. It actively utilises social media to promote studio workshops, student artists, their print work, and art sales. Vargas, the studio owner and printing expert, is a professional visual artist, sculptor and tattooist who produces wonderful works which I had the pleasure to put in motion.

I created a video featuring her collage work, which was split into three shorter videos for use on social media. Additionally, I composed the audio track consisting only of genuine sounds typically heard in the studio, such as the sound of machinery and paper-cutting tools.

Loop animation

Shapes Form Figures

This animated film celebrates the work of contemporary Finnish painter Lauri Laine. It depicts the evolution of his subject matter, where shapes that resemble buildings, musical instruments, and fashion accessories form figures.