Ground Floor Farm

Logos, labels, merch prints, posters, and ...

Ground Floor Farm was an urban organic farm located in downtown Stuart, Florida. It served as a community hub and featured a large organic produce garden, kitchen, restaurant, garden terrace, art gallery, and community space. The space was used to host various events, including weddings, yoga, dance, cooking classes, and farmers' markets.

They requested a unique, creative and harmonious house style that would complement their business and distinguish it within their town and the wider organic farming community.

The Company Logos

Each logo was circular, hand-drawn and layered, and associated with one of their six main services. They conveyed the elements of air, earth, and water.

Product Labels

The packaging labels on their bread, fermented products, sauces, and natural soaps followed their brand style but were printed in different combinations of their house colours.

Merchandise Prints

Ground Floor Farm sold merchandise like canvas totes, t-shirts, and aprons to support and promote their business. This print was a favourite among staff and customers.

The posters promoted events at the farm were designed to convey fun, creativity and intrigue. The hand-drawn style was associated with the farm and it made these posters stand out from other advertisements in town and the wider farming community.

The Exterior Mural

The farm commissioned me to design and paint their exterior mural, as part of 'The Mural Project' grand opening. They chose this design that depicts the elements of air, water, and earth. During the painting process, the local tourist bus diverted from its usual route to show tourists the progress on the mural and article was written about it in the local newspaper. It was a lot of work but was completed in time, thanks to the help of dedicated volunteers.