Otto's Bread Club

Designing a wood-cut print style logo and ...

Otto's Bread Club was established during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people were confined to their homes due to safety concerns. To adapt to the situation, this bakery started operating on a subscription basis, allowing club members to place orders and receive freshly baked goods directly at their doorstep. Therefore, the bakery needed a visually appealing online presence, including logos and product backgrounds.
The client requested that the blue bakery be incorporated into the design, and that the overall style should resemble a wood-cut print.

A local print studio provided an introduction to wood-cut printing, which greatly contributed to the logo design process. Understanding the history, technique, and design process helped to create certain design limitations. As a result, various logo designs were produced that remained faithful to the traditional printing craft and appearance, which truly added value to Otto's Bread Club's identity.

Vargas Print Studio

This Helsinki-based print studio and provided me with a wood-cut printing session to learn about the art of printing. The experience was fantastic! Vargas is a printing expert, professional artist, sculptor and tattooist whose work I had the pleasure to animate.