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Risto Räppääjä ja villi kone

Feature Film
Prod. Solar Films | Dir. Maria Sid
Prod. Designer. Otto Linnalaakso
Role: Graphic Designer

In this film, two friends gradually grow apart. One of them becomes fixated on a rising music sensation, while the other finds a passion for video games.

As a designer, I was commissioned to create the logos and poster for the musician's concert and iconic necklace, as well as the logo and packaging for the game console and its game case designs.

Console game case

Artist logos and poster

Console game case


Film Poster
Prod. ELO | Dir. Marika Harjusaari
Role: Designer & Illustrator

Kingi Enzio & Röyhkeät Ritarit

Album Cover
Role: Designer & Illustrator


It's a tool that can play an important part in any production, and can save time and money in the long run. It communicates the idea and essential information between various creative departments and stakeholders. I enjoy creating storyboards and value this process.