Storyboards are a great tool to depict the project's visual appearance before the production has even started. It serves many purposes. Firstly, it is a handy document to have and show to possible investors of your project, or it will help pitch your idea to the brief of your client. It is one thing to read about it on paper, but to see it in visual form is another. Secondly, it is a great tool to improve communication between the various production departments. To know the shots in advance, spares everyone a lot of confusion, time and most of all... money. So why not invest in storyboards and be prepared?!

One Night Stand-Off

Director: Alisa Nirman
Production: Aalto University - Elo


Director: Otto Kylmälä
Production: UCA


Director: Otto Kylmälä
Production: Napafilms


If you require it, I can compile all the panels into great animatics too!