Ground Floor Farm

Brand Identity

A visualisation of 'Ground Floor Farm' stationery.

Ground Floor Farm (now Colab Farms) was a friendly, vibrant, community-based, educational, and ecological urban farm in downtown Stuart, Florida. It housed its very own vegetable garden, kitchen, restaurant, terras, art gallery, and community space for weddings and yoga, dance, cooking classes, etc.

They wanted a colourful, artistic, and unordinary brand style that would be noticeable in their direct community and wider farming industry. Throughout the years, I've had the pleasure to be their go-to designer for anything brand related, from their 6 logos to their huge exterior mural.

Here are just a few of my favourite works that I made.

Ground Floor Farm poster 01
Ground Floor Farm poster 02
Ground Floor Farm poster 03
Ground Floor Farm tote print 03
Ground Floor Farm jar label 05
The 'Ground Floor Farm' exterior mural in Stuart, Florida.

The Ground Floor Farm Exterior Mural

Entitled: The Elements.

In 2017, I was flown over to design and paint their mural. The design depicts the elements that Ground Floor Farm values above all else; Water, Air, and Earth. With the help of amazing volunteers, I managed to finish it just in time for the grand opening of the 'Mural Project'.